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Massage Massage

Massage therapy is one of the oldest known treatment methods, with historical accounts of its use thousands of years ago in ancient Greece, China, and Egypt.


During our decades of experience providing treatment for a variety of ailments, we've found that massage therapy, in conjunction with other treatments (or even by itself), is a safe and effective method for pain reduction and symptom relief for many conditions  including fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Speed your healing process with massage therapy

Providing you with a holistic approach to healing

At Kilraine Chiropractic Center, we augment your treatment for conditions like fibromyalgia with a care plan designed with our licensed massage therapists, in order to provide you with a full spectrum of healing treatments for quick pain relief.


We are not a spa, and out massage therapists work only with our clients who are seeking relief from medical conditions - we do not accept walk-in appointments from non-patients for massage therapy that is not used in conjunction with our treatment plans.

Experience the Healing Benefits of Massage Therapy

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