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From its beginnings in ancient India millenia ago, the varied practices of yoga have enabled countless generations to achieve greater health and well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual growth.


Yoga is a practice for everyone, young or old, and for every ability level from beginner to expert. At Kilraine Chiropractic Center, we offer expert yoga sessions to our clients, in addition to our Neurofeedback Therapy.

Discover the benefits of an ancient science

Providing you with our expert guidance

Our 3 certified yoga instructors will assist and gently guide you throughout each session, working with you individually at your level of ability.


Discover the many benefits of this ancient practice, such as:

Heal Your Body Through the Practice of Yoga

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  • Improved brain function and greater mental clarity

  • Enhanced sense of well-being and increased calm

  • Decreased levels of pain and increased flexibility

  • Lowered blood pressure and an increase in bone density